[Loadstone] Contacting the old Symbian Loadstone's developers

Aura Kelloniemi kaura.dev at sange.fi
Thu Jan 11 22:15:57 PST 2018

Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at loadstone-gps.com> writes:
 > The sensors stuff was a plugin that installed on top of the existing sdk. It 
 > was available from Symbian but who knows now. The gnupoc package refered to 
 > in the compiling instructions is still available, just substitute shawnk.ca 
 > where it says svn.loadstone-gps.com (that's what this was an alias for in 
 > the first place) and it'll work fine.

Thank you very much - I'll have it soon.

 > It's interesting the garmin receivers use multiple rfcom channels, I haven't 
 > seen that in a bluetooth receiver before. I wonder if your fix for this 
 > would break support for other receivers?

Only if they also export data on multiple channels and the channel on which
they provide NMEA output is the one with the greatest number.

 > I'm glad I don't have to worry 
 > about trying to get that support patched in, that would take some rewriting 
 > as to how the gps receiver information is stored.

I just added "&& iremotechannel == 255" to the logic that assigns the channel
numberso that it always selects the first available rfcomm channel.

One glich remains which I'm going to fix now: Garmin GLO reports subsecond
times which Loadstone does not understand, and keeps thinking that the time is
always 00:00:00. Garmin's time string is something like HHMMSS.SUB where SUB
is the subseconds part. When this is done, the receiver is fully functional.

I have one final question: Is the original Loadstone's documentation still
available somewhere. I would like to have it, even though I believe that I can
use the software pretty well. There are some features that I don't use and if
I once need them, the docs would be faster to read than Symbian C++.

I'm very grateful for all the help I received. I wish happy winter to
everybody (and some other season for all those who live onn a different climate
zone than I).


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