[Loadstone] Contacting the old Symbian Loadstone's developers

Aura Kelloniemi kaura.dev at sange.fi
Thu Jan 11 06:10:56 PST 2018


Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at loadstone-gps.com> writes:
 > I'd forgotten about that rediculous capability system. I think the 
 > self-signing would work for most of what Loadstone needs but not quite 
 > everything.

For example no bluetooth...

 > If your receiver is a Garmin then you may be in for a lot of trouble.

Actually the problem with Loadstone was that when a receiver provided more
than one RFCOMM channel it always chose tha last one. In my case it was
channel 3 which supplies Garmin proprietary binary data. The correct channel
is 1, which provides NMEA output. This was very quick to fix in the sources
and now Loadstone works with Garmin GLO. However I did this with the 2010
version of Loadstone, see below.

 > I put together a tarball of the current development source and you can 
 > download it at:
 > http://www.shawnk.ca/loadstone-0.74.6-2013-08-11.tar.gz that's my personal 
 > site.

Thank you very much. The source is pretty much usable and has cool features!

However, I cannot compile it. I'm missing the Sensors Framework headers and
libraries from my SDK. These are needed by the 3rd edition compass version.

I believe those would be available in the tarball called
symbian_gnupoc-2012-07-17.tar.gz which is referred to by Loadstone's
"Compiling" file. This package of course is no more available from
loadstone-gps.com. Do you happen to have it somewhere or do you know which SDK
contains the Sensors framework API components?


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