[Loadstone] Contacting the old Symbian Loadstone's developers

Simon Dowling simodowl at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 10 16:34:25 PST 2018

hi shawn, any chance it will be developed for android? I know you said
it would never be in the passed just wondering if you have had a
change of heart? cheers

On 10/01/2018, Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I am the original developer for the Symbian version of Loadstone, currently
> developing the version for iOS.
> You are correct about the certificates, all the systems that supported these
> are dead. This was the problem we ran in to that prevented any further
> releases. Now, if I remember correctly there is a way to generate a
> self-signed certificate that you could use to run the program on your own
> phone. I haven't looked at any of this in about 5 years so I forget exactly
> how this worked. The other option is to jail break your phone, this would
> allow you to run unsigned programs on it.
> There may be an easier solution to your problem though. Loadstone should
> work with any receiver that sends out standard nmea data. This should be
> almost all bluetooth receivers as far as I know. The exception to this may
> be receivers that are marketed specifically as being compatable with the
> iPhone, in that case they may use a different protocol and may not work with
> anything else. It's also possible that the receiver is set to send out some
> other kind of protocol and it may be possible to make it send nmea. You'd
> have to read the specifications for your receiver to know what it's doing.
> You'll need to know this anyway in order to fix Loadstone if it turns out
> the receiver does send nmea but in a way Loadstone doesn't understand. Maybe
> it's easier to just get another receiver that works?
> The Loadstone source should be available on the website in the Loadstone
> legacy site section. This is now an external site that I don't control so it
> may have changed. If the source isn't available there then let me know and I
> can send you a copy, I should have it around here somewhere.
> On Wed, 10 Jan 2018, Aura Kelloniemi wrote:
>> Hello
>> This list seems to be taken over by the non-free Loadstone application,
>> but I
>> hope there is still somebody who can guide me.
>> I have two questions regarding the old Symbian Loadstone application. I
>> wish
>> somebody could answer them or direct me to someone else who could help -
>> most
>> likely an old developer.
>> Question 1: I want to add support for a particular BT GPS receiver to
>> Loadstone. This receiver is incompatible for some reason, which is still
>> unknown to me. I am unable to install my own versions of Loadstone,
>> because I
>> can't get my hands on a developer certificate needed to sign the
>> installation
>> package. All sites that once provided the certificates are now dead. Did
>> Loadstone have a certificate for itself that I possibly could use. It does
>> not
>> matter if the certificate has expired - I can always tinker with the date
>> of
>> my phone. If I can't find a certificate, my project will fail and I need
>> to
>> find another platform where my receiver is usable.
>> Question 2:
>> Is Loadstone's SVN repository available somewhere nowadays or does anyone
>> have
>> a copy of it?
>> Thank you for any help that you may be able to provide.
>> --
>> Aura
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