[Loadstone] Contacting the old Symbian Loadstone's developers

Aura Kelloniemi kaura.dev at sange.fi
Wed Jan 10 09:37:53 PST 2018


This list seems to be taken over by the non-free Loadstone application, but I
hope there is still somebody who can guide me.

I have two questions regarding the old Symbian Loadstone application. I wish
somebody could answer them or direct me to someone else who could help - most
likely an old developer.

Question 1: I want to add support for a particular BT GPS receiver to
Loadstone. This receiver is incompatible for some reason, which is still
unknown to me. I am unable to install my own versions of Loadstone, because I
can't get my hands on a developer certificate needed to sign the installation
package. All sites that once provided the certificates are now dead. Did
Loadstone have a certificate for itself that I possibly could use. It does not
matter if the certificate has expired - I can always tinker with the date of
my phone. If I can't find a certificate, my project will fail and I need to
find another platform where my receiver is usable.

Question 2:
Is Loadstone's SVN repository available somewhere nowadays or does anyone have
a copy of it?

Thank you for any help that you may be able to provide.


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