[Loadstone] Bluetooth Receiver Questions

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Oct 6 13:05:52 PDT 2017

I haven't actually used a bluetooth receiver with the iphone but I've read 
about what's required. First, you need a bluetooth receiver that's specified 
as being compatable with the iPhone. There aren't too many of these as far 
as I know and it means that all our receivers from the Symbian days are 
completely useless. If you get a compatable receiver all you have to do is 
connect it and the phone will use it, that's built in to the location 
technology. This means that nothing special is required as far as any 
programs that use gps go.
I don't know if this would give better accuracy or battery life. You'd be 
trading use of the phone's GPS chip for the power required for a bluetooth 
connection. In theory this should provide some battery saving but who knows 
how much. I've found the phone's GPS to be quite accurate, at least as 
accurate as my old iblue receiver. Even in the city it doesn't seem to 
suffer from as much drift as the old receivers. Of course your milage will 

On Fri, 6 Oct 2017, Mike Hanson wrote:

> Has anybody on this list used a Bluetooth GPS receiver with an IPhone?
> If so, which receivers would you recommend?  How did you get
> Loadstone or other programs to use data from a Bluetooth receiver
> instead of the IPhone’s built-in chip?
> Using the IPhone’s built-in GPS chip makes sense and works well for
> most situations but there are two advantages to using a high-quality
> Bluetooth receiver in my experience.  First, the IPhone’s battery will
> probably last longer.  Second, Bluetooth receivers seem more accurate
> in my experience.  The IPhone’s receiver does not handle the urban
> canyon effect very well compared to Bluetooth receivers, although it
> does much better than either a Nokia N82 or N95.
> Mike Hanson
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