[Loadstone] Important information about Loadstone for iPhone and a request for translators/testers

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue May 2 00:37:53 BST 2017

Hello list.
At long last a release date for Loadstone for iPhone has been set. If all goes
according to plan Loadstone will be available for purchase in the app store on
July 31 2017. The cost will be $10.
With this in mind the basic time line is as follows:
May, write documentation, get a new Loadstone website up, implement any new
needed features, get new language translations started.
June, feature freeze, fix bugs as needed, finalize language translations,
documentation, and the new website.
July, submit the Loadstone app for review by Apple in preparation for release
to the app store.
With this time line in mind I'm looking for people who are willing to
test Loadstone and translate it in to other languages. Currently the
application is in English and Polish. The more languages it can be translated
to the better.
What I need in a translator:
Someone who is fluent in English and the language they're translating to.
Someone who is willing to translate quite a few strings (this is a one time
thing, once the bulk of the strings are translated then things will only need
translating when strings change).
Someone who is willing to maintain the translation. The amount of work for this
will depend on how often things change.
Translation is done using an online web form. Anyone who did language
translation for the Symbian version of Loadstone will be familliar with this.
Translators will also be considered testers, they would have to test the
program to see how well there translation is working.
Translators understand that there contributions are voluntary. Unfortunately,
the Loadstone developers can not offer any compensation at this time.
What I need in a tester:
Someone who is willing to give the app a thorough test and give feedback.
A thorough test means testing everything, not just the most often used
Feedback would include, what works, what doesn't, what needs improvements,
I'm also looking for feedback about the program's usability, features, etc.
I'd like testers from various areas. I already have a few testers from Poland
so I'd like testers from other places.
Testers understand that Loadstone is still beta software. All the main
features seem to work as they should but this does not mean there aren't
bugs. The way things work may also change if needed.
What I don't want in testers/translators:
People who just want a free copy of Loadstone without contributing.
I can only allocate a limited number of testers so I'd really like people who
are serious about helping make Loadstone the best it can be.
What you need as a translator or tester:
An iPhone running IOS 8.0 or higher (this should be pretty much
everybody now).
An account on the Loadstone Pointshare. If you don't already have this then
visit: https://ps.loadstone-gps.com to register.
If anyone is interested in being a language translator or tester then send
me a message at shawn at loadstone-gps.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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