[Loadstone] loadstone and ios11 beta

thesnappification911 at gmail.com thesnappification911 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 08:47:35 PDT 2017

Hello, I'm on the IOS 11 beta program: not because I' m a nurd, but because if I get a bit of the new OS at a time, I can digest it. However, my question is that on my iPhone 6, I can't seem to set check points. I've also got Voice Dream Writer and it also fails to work with IOS11.  I'm not complaining if this is indeed the case: as I've been looking for a GPS app that doesn't make you mortgage the farm in order to use it.  "MAP MY HIKE" is OK, but too much interaction for callery counts, and other sharing activities. Hope I'm wrong about the IOS issue as I really like the concept of marking areas to visit and re-visit in conjunction with adding others whenever and wherever you want/need to. Keep on keeping on. OK?

Dick, Donna and Oboe.  (or311) Sent from my iPod.

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