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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Aug 15 14:53:02 PDT 2017

I aggree, presentations are a good idea. We plan to send at least 
informational messages to as many of the blindness-related institutions as 
possible. To get an idea of the current goals of the project have a look at 
the GoFundMe video on the Loadstone website. This is a brief summary of 
what's needed at the present time.
Is your site about your hike still up? This would be a very good testimonial 
to link to.
Not needing a data plan is one of the top goals of Loadstone. Hear in Canada 
we pay some of the worst rates in the world for cellular data. For this 
reason my pay as you go phone plan has no data. This means I needed a GPS 
app that didn't require data while on the move. None of the other apps 
seemed to do this.
Accuracy is also very important. Loadstone sets the phone's hardware to use 
the best accuracy it possibly can. The trade off is a slightly higher 
battery usage but for pedestrian use I think it's well worth it. I've been 
able to do a side by side comparison with Loadstone and apple maps running 
on two different phones and the difference was quite surprising, sometimes 
half a block or more. Maybe for sighted people driving this works but not so 
well for blind pedestrians.

On Tue, 15 Aug 2017, Mike Hanson wrote:

> I gave a presentation over the phone to the Perkins School for the
> Blind in Massachusetts today about my hike of the Appalachian Trail
> and was able to give Loadstone something of a plug.  Presentations
> might be a way I can ask for donations on Loadstone’s behalf.  Is
> there anything in particular you would like me to say?  Is there
> anything in particularly you would like me to avoid saying?
> One unique strength of Loadstone in my opinion is that it does not
> require a data plan.  This is important for two reasons.  First, you
> can use Loadstone where you don’t get a cell phone signal, as opposed
> to GPS apps that come standard on an IPhone in my experience.  I have
> used Loadstone when I needed to get up at night while camping.  I
> activated it and went from there.  I have also used it to mark hunting
> stands and fishing spots and other points of interest that are well
> out of cell phone coverage on my Nokia N82 and N95.  Although I don’t
> have either of these phones, I am confident that I will be able to do
> the same things with my IPhone.
> Second, you can use Loadstone if you don’t want a phone contract but
> want its GPS capabilities.  I don’t know why someone would have an
> IPhone just to use Loadstone but that is an option.
> Loadstone is the only GPS app that does not require a data plan and is
> accessible to blind users in my experience.  I have heard of blind
> people using Gaya GPS.  That program is, at best, marginally
> accessible in my opinion.
> Loadstone does not seem to require much more of a user than other GPS
> programs.  You need to create checkpoint lists but the tradeoff is
> often greater accuracy than you might get with, say Google or Apple
> maps in my experience.  Those programs can often leave you across a
> parking lot from your intended destination.  You can get much closer
> than that by saving a location with Loadstone.  That is well worth the
> tradeoff!
> Mike Hanson
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