[Loadstone] Finally!

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Aug 14 16:51:37 PDT 2017

Glad to see you got things up and running.
Now that Pointshare is merged with OpenStreetMap data you may find a lot of 
your points are already in the database. On the other hand you may have a 
lot of personal points and at the very least you may want to go through and 
update them, to at least set the category if nothing else. If something is 
really private then you may want to set the point's status to private so it 
doesn't get shared with the world if you upload to Pointshare.
Uploading to Pointshare is extremely easy, just go to the databases tab, 
then to points. When you're on a file you want to upload to pointshare just 
select the send to Pointshare action from it's actions list and that's it. 
It'll upload the file and let you know how many points were updated or 
inserted. You don't even have to export the database to a text file if you 
don't want to, you only have to do that if you're wanting to send the output to 
another program compatible with Loadstone's format.
Loadstone should be compatible with file sharing via itunes. I think the 
main problem is itunes, it really sucks for transfering anything.

On Mon, 14 Aug 2017, Mike Hanson wrote:

> I finally got my database from the previous version of Loadstone to
> the version on my IPhone.  The process seems more forgiving than on
> any Nokia phone I used.
> My checkpoints files were no problem.  Loadstone seems to work as well
> on an IPhone as it did on previous platforms for bus travel.  I use it
> to announce stops in case the driver doesn't.
> The reason for the long transfer process was the size of my database.
> It was at least three times the size most email servers can handle and
> Loadstone does not seem to work with file sharing using ITunes.
> I have many points unique to me, such as the location of campground
> lavatories, campsites, and other data of limited value to anybody but
> me.  Having said that, I would be happy to export this database if
> someone can tell me how to do that.  Its size might be an issue.  It
> contains all my data from my 2010 hike of the Appalachian Trail.  It
> goes without saying that I backed my IPhone up as soon as the transfer
> was complete.
> Mike Hanson
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