[Loadstone] Temporary alternative?

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Tue Jul 12 07:06:22 BST 2016

Shawn, one other thing seeing assistant offers is some clock-face 

And, say that, since it's one of the things haven't been able to get come 
across on many other bits of android software, etc.

Stay well

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>I think seeing assistant move isn't too bad. It can import loadstone 
>databases and uses openstreetmap data. It's checkpoint logic can be a bit 
>flakey thoe and it doesn't seem to take in to account how accurate the 
>signal may be. I once saw its accuracy say something like 24000 metres and 
>it was still trying to use that as a valid signal.
> I will say they've done a pretty good job thoe and I'm using interface 
> elements of this program for loadstone.
> On Mon, 11 Jul 2016, Michael O. Hanson wrote:
>> I can't wait for Loadstone to be ported to the IPhone.  In the meantime, 
>> I
>> use Blind Square with Google or Apple Maps.  That combination leaves a 
>> lot
>> to be desired in my opinion.  I also use Nvigon North America.  That 
>> program
>> also leaves a lot to be desired.  Does anybody know of a better 
>> alternative
>> I can use on an IPhone?
>> Thank You,
>> Mike Hanson
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