[Loadstone] Temporary alternative?

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Tue Jul 12 01:02:47 BST 2016

Mike, really not relevant, but, on my android phones I have a couple of apps that have allowed me to import old loadstone databases - dotWalker, seeing assistant move light, etc., and that last one also uses google maps data, whereas dotWalker uses open street map data, at the same time, but anyway.

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  I can't wait for Loadstone to be ported to the IPhone.  In the meantime, I use Blind Square with Google or Apple Maps.  That combination leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.  I also use Nvigon North America.  That program also leaves a lot to be desired.  Does anybody know of a better alternative I can use on an IPhone?


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