[Loadstone] Bluetooth Receiver Use with IPhone

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
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I have not used a Bluetooth receiver since the days of my Nokia but you should be aware that the GPS receiver in the phone will always have a signal any place an external receiver gets one. As for cellular coverage an external receiver isn't a factor.

My solution to the battery problem is to buy an extended battery. It will require a Lightning wire. I have one small one and am waiting to get an Banker 26,800 ma external battery so I can maintain charge in my bone conduction headphones as well. Either way there is extra hardware to carry about.


Dale Leavens.

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  Has anybody on this list paired a Bluetooth GPS receiver with an IPhone?  I want to see how well that works because GPS is a battery hog on an IPhone and I expect to go places where I will not get a signal.  


  If anybody has used a Bluetooth GPS receiver with an IPhone, which one did you use and how did that work?


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  Mike Hanson


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