[Loadstone] What is necessary?

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Mon Oct 26 21:06:25 GMT 2015

[quoted lines by Michael O. Hanson on 2015/10/26 at 15:38 -0500]

>Do you need equipment?  If so, do you need different phones or would one
>particular phone suffice? 

In Android, a good touch interface will just work. It may be handy, though, to 
have access to each major release, in order to reproduce users' problems 
because, when doing that, it's always best to be using the same release as the 

By saying access to each major release, what I'm really saying is a device 
that's running each major release. Also, I'd stick with devices that are 
running pure Android so that additional features introduced by vendours won't 
be accidentally used, thus rendering the feature non-portable.

>Do you need developer tools you can access without sight?  I believe that was 
>one issue.

That isn't an issue. Android has an excellent SDK that runs on Linux and can be 
fully and easily used from a Linux command line.

>I will be happy to do what I can to facilitate porting Loadstone to an 

I, too, am willing to offer any kind of help that's requested, answer any 
questions that are asked, etc.

Another question that I think was asked is if development for Android is or 
isn't open source. Google makes no claims on how one chooses to license one's 
own software. Even a lot of Android itself is open source. Brltty (our project) 
is fully open source.

Regarding cost: Unlike Apple, Google doesn't charge an annual development fee. 
What Google does charge is a one-time developer account fee that's (I think) 
$25 US plus tax.

>I know someone who might have contacts with Google.  No guarantees 
>but I will see if I can do anything once I know what is necessary.

Not necessary. It's all out there. Just Google it! :-)

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