[Loadstone] You are Correct-I would be willing to pay.

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Mon Oct 26 13:56:28 GMT 2015

First, Shawn, as a lawyer, I can say that you are correct that a poster on
this list is getting close to defamation.  Under applicable laws in
jurisdictions in the United States with which I am familiar.  He is getting
closer to libel than I would care to get if I were him.  Calling your
comments whining and lies might not quite cross the line but that poster is
sailing closer to it than I would like to see if he were a client of mine.
Accusing you of whining is not libelous but accusing you of lying is and
accusing you of whining is probably sufficient to make most people angry
enough to pursue some sort of action.  I don't know about Canadian or UK law
but the main thing preventing you from having a cause of action is a
potential lack of damages under applicable United States laws.  I don't know
if you can show that that poster's comments damaged you or Loadstone.


My intent is not to mussel any poster's comments or limit anybody's freedom
of speech.  My intent is to attempt to keep comments on this list to the
intended topics.  Those topics do not include groundlessly accusing people
of lying.    



Mike Hanson

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