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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Oct 26 08:21:53 GMT 2015

I'm going to let most of this thread drop but I do want to address a couple 
of valid points that did come up.
There is an explanation as to why the current version of loadstone hasn't 
had any updates in quite a while. In order to sign a symbian program so it 
could be installed to a nokia phone we had to use a process called symbian 
signed. This process involved paying $200 per year for a publisher id and 
$20 per program signed. The RNIB was sponsoring our publisher id. This meant 
they were covering the $200 per year and providing all the documentation 
needed for the publisher id. Sometime around 2010 they decided to end there 
sponsorship. I forget the exact reason, either our contact person left or it 
was some kind of funding decision but it left us without a publisher id. 
This meant that we could not sign any new loadstone releases. We tried to 
get another sponsor for the publisher id but this was not a trivial process. 
Only a valid company could obtain a publisher id, an individual could not 
get one and it required extensive documentation and proof as well as the 
$200 per year fee. We were not able to find another company willing to take 
this on. Then Microsoft bought Nokia and killed the symbian signing process 
2 years earlier than expected. This effectively killed any further 
development on the symbian series 60 platform, not just for us but for 
everyone. During this time the loadstone code was being updated but couldn't 
be released to the general public in a usable form. People can still 
download the very latest version of the source code and compile it if they 
want but the only way to install it to a device is to have a jailbroken 
phone. All this means that the current symbian series60 version of loadstone 
will have no further updates.
Now to address the money and open source issue.
The reason I went to croud funding for a loadstone port is a simple matter 
of math. No matter how I ran the numbers there was just no way I was going 
to be able to fund a port of any kind. Even if I maxed out everything it 
still wouldn't be enough. I've put over a decade in to the open source free 
version of loadstone and been glad to do it but the sad truth is that it's 
drained all my resources. We've had some donations over the years but for 
the most part the loadstone project has been funded by the loadstone 
development team from our own pockets. This has included buying various 
phones for testing, signing the releases, and running the database, website, 
and mailing lists all from our personal computers.
I'm not sure if the loadstone port for the iphone (and android if that ever 
happens) will be open source or not, I'm not exactly sure how that works 
with these platforms. This bothers me, I happen to think that software 
should be free/open source but if there are going to be fees to maintain and 
develope it then they have to come from somewhere. It's either charge a 
small fee per copy or rely on donations. Donations seem to be hit and miss 
so it looks like the fee per copy method will have to do unless something 
else can be worked out.
If you're wondering if a port will actually happen, the answer is yes. Croud 
funding may lack accountability but since my own parents funded the mac 
hardware that changes things. It basically means that come hell or high 
watter I have to get something working, sooner is better. There's also the 
fact that the loadstone site has been online since 2006 so it's not like 
we're hard to find if we don't keep our word.
Now, for the rather serious matter. You stated that I posted a pack of lies. 
You stated this on a public forum. It's been a while since I've studied law 
but I'm pretty sure you're getting dangerously close to slander unless you 
can prove what you say. You're going to have to back up what you said or 
there may be consequences. I am not prepared to sit back and take groundless 
insults especially over what may come down to a difference of opinion or 
changing information about a rapidly developing software platform.

On Thu, 22 Oct 2015, Dave Mielke wrote:

> [quoted lines by Dale Leavens on 2015/10/22 at 18:26 -0400]
> Hi:
>> Dave,
>> Frankly it is you who doesn't like Shawn's decision to port to the
>> iPhone. He has given his reasons. Just because you don't like them
>> doesn't mean they are invalid or that he is some sort of spoon fed
>> blind person.
> No, not at all. You're making a huge assumption - that I even care if Loadstone
> is ported. Quite frankly (to borrow your term), I don't. I'm entirely content
> with applications that use Google Maps.
> I've used Loadstone for usre, and I did like it, but it's now been years since
> it's had any kind of update. I've no guarantee, therefore, that it'll ever have
> any kind of meaningful updates. All I hear is "give me money and maybe I'll
> work on it". Quite frankly (there I go borrowing your phrase again), there are
> those of us who've poored our lives into open source software without asking
> for even a penny even though we've had significant expenses that we gladly
> covered with personal funds even though we have families and lots of other
> financial obligations.
> So, quite frankly (there I go again - thank you for the phrase), be careful
> before you cast stones.
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