[Loadstone] Please drop the subject.

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Fri Oct 23 12:10:34 BST 2015

Frankly, I have observed a discussion of whether to port Loadstone to the
IPhone or the android degenerate into something approaching what a teacher
would have stopped if it had occurred on a playground when I was in grade
school.  This is the result of emails from one member in particular.  I will
not name him.  He knows who he is.


The decision has been made to port Loadstone to the IPhone.  Loadstone is
open source.  Any of you who want to see it ported to the android are
probably free to facilitate that process, no doubt, with the gratitude of
those who use phones that run that software environment and the developers
of Loadstone, who know their capabilities and limitations as developers far
better than anybody else on this list.  I would probably do so myself if I
knew how.  Since some android users, in particular, have complained, I will
leave it up to them to demonstrate how easy a job they seem to think it
would be to port Loadstone to the android.  Until such time as there is a
genuine opportunity to port Loadstone to the android, please drop the
subject.  It is degenerating into name-calling and other low levels of
discourse that resemble a bad movie about lawyers or the prelude to a
gunfight in some westerns.



Mike Hanson



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