[Loadstone] Porting to Android

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
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Well there's me told. Your self sacrifice is doubtless widely appreciated 
and your humility too. For someone not concerned about Loadstone you 
certainly have used up bandwidth.

For what it is worth, I don't much like using a touch screen device for 
mobility applications because they are difficult to use one handed and when 
I am on the move one hand always has a cane in it. Could as well be a dog of 
course but on the Nokia one could hold the phone in one hand and operate it 
without having to stop.

BlindSquare has got around this to a point with the menu control on the 
Bluetooth headset and one could also buy a Rivo keyboard, all more stuff to 
charge so more wires and chargers and batteries to haul about.

I always also had difficulty in getting maps onto the phone with Loadstone, 
here is where the Android might actually excel being less fussy about 
importing stuff than the iDevice platform.

I think the Loadstone group actually did a pretty good thing. Apart from 
Wayfinder, now a brief memory they got a really good stable product onto our 
phones when others didn't.

I understand why people don't rush out to crowd based funding, there is so 
little accountability. These guys are a little different insofar as they 
aren't operating a business unlike say the fine folk from Aftershokz or the 
SixDot battery powered Dymo tape embosser who seem to be unwilling to expand 
their product line without first fully funding it.

It doesn't really matter what I think though any more than what you think so 
I suppose the correct thing to do is to drop the subject. I concede that you 
are far too clever for me.

Dale Leavens.
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> [quoted lines by Dale Leavens on 2015/10/22 at 18:26 -0400]
> Hi:
>>Frankly it is you who doesn't like Shawn's decision to port to the
>>iPhone. He has given his reasons. Just because you don't like them
>>doesn't mean they are invalid or that he is some sort of spoon fed
>>blind person.
> No, not at all. You're making a huge assumption - that I even care if 
> Loadstone
> is ported. Quite frankly (to borrow your term), I don't. I'm entirely 
> content
> with applications that use Google Maps.
> I've used Loadstone for usre, and I did like it, but it's now been years 
> since
> it's had any kind of update. I've no guarantee, therefore, that it'll ever 
> have
> any kind of meaningful updates. All I hear is "give me money and maybe 
> I'll
> work on it". Quite frankly (there I go borrowing your phrase again), there 
> are
> those of us who've poored our lives into open source software without 
> asking
> for even a penny even though we've had significant expenses that we gladly
> covered with personal funds even though we have families and lots of other
> financial obligations.
> So, quite frankly (there I go again - thank you for the phrase), be 
> careful
> before you cast stones.
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