[Loadstone] Porting to Android

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Fri Oct 23 02:26:14 BST 2015

[quoted lines by Dale Leavens on 2015/10/22 at 18:26 -0400]


>Frankly it is you who doesn't like Shawn's decision to port to the
>iPhone. He has given his reasons. Just because you don't like them
>doesn't mean they are invalid or that he is some sort of spoon fed
>blind person.

No, not at all. You're making a huge assumption - that I even care if Loadstone 
is ported. Quite frankly (to borrow your term), I don't. I'm entirely content 
with applications that use Google Maps.

I've used Loadstone for usre, and I did like it, but it's now been years since 
it's had any kind of update. I've no guarantee, therefore, that it'll ever have 
any kind of meaningful updates. All I hear is "give me money and maybe I'll 
work on it". Quite frankly (there I go borrowing your phrase again), there are 
those of us who've poored our lives into open source software without asking 
for even a penny even though we've had significant expenses that we gladly 
covered with personal funds even though we have families and lots of other 
financial obligations.

So, quite frankly (there I go again - thank you for the phrase), be careful 
before you cast stones.

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