[Loadstone] Porting to Android

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
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Frankly it is you who doesn't like Shawn's decision to port to the iPhone. 
He has given his reasons. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they 
are invalid or that he is some sort of spoon fed blind person.

All of us had to choose iPhone or Android device and considered all sorts of 
things before taking a decision, some of our considerations may have been 
incorrect or misguided but not invalid, based on experience and the best 
information available to us at the time.

There is no good reason why you should really be concerned, perhaps you 
should try BlindSquare or SeeingEye, both capable GPS solutions aimed at 
meeting the needs of the blind.

Suck it up! This is getting tiresome.

Dale Leavens.

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> [quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2015/10/22 at 13:38 -0700]
> So far, you've just been complaining. If you were one of my children, I'd 
> call
> it whining.
> One of the nice things about Android is that it's developers listen to the
> public with wide open ears. All you need to do is join the right mailing 
> list
> and discuss these things directly with them. If you really think that 
> things
> should be changed insofar as Android is concerned then why not do that 
> instead
> of just griping at those who happen to be subscribed to your personal 
> forum.
> Even better, there's a process by which you can prove to Google that you 
> can be
> trusted, and then you just need to sign a form and begin to submit patches 
> to
> them. If they like your patches, they'll get in.
> One lesson my children have had to learn from me is that whining is 
> useless and
> bad whereas doing something about whatever happens to be bugging you is 
> useful
> and good.
> One thing that bugs me is the way so many blind people sit back, whine, 
> and
> expect to be spoon-fed. If blind people want to be part of the world then
> they'd all do well to start participating in it.
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