[Loadstone] One Respectful Request-What I Have Heard

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Thu Oct 22 12:54:51 BST 2015



Thank you for your hard work to develop Loadstone and get a Mac Minnie.  I
look forward to using Loadstone on my IPhone 6.  My request is that you
allow Loadstone databases to be either converted to a usable format by the
IPhone from Symbian code or find some way to convert them to text using a
PC.  Unfortunately, I backed my database up without converting it and my
Symbian phone is toast.


Now, I will throw out some thoughts concerning software accessibility.  I
had to decide between an IPhone and an android last spring.  At the advice
of a local seller of products for blind people, who almost went out of
business because of the IPhone and the android, I went with the IPhone.  He
does not sell either the IPhone or phones using the android platform.  He
does train on those phones.  


There were two reasons for my choice.  First, as Shawn said, the interface
seemed more accessible.  Second, the software programs one might want to use
without sight seemed more accessible.  I was considering programs like the
KNFB Reader, money reader, etc.  


Of course, the dealer I worked with might have been stating his opinion more
than making statements of fact but there you have it.  In the end, I believe
we are fortunate that we have developers willing to adapt to the changing
times and software platforms.



Mike Hanson


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