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Hey Shawn,
Nice and argumented thaughts. Glad that you are openned to see beyond your 
own experiences and opinions, differently from the most part of your fellow 
ios users. The secret is, stay away from the Ios logic. Try thinking 
differently and expecting different ways of working, just as is the case 
with, for example, Windows and Mac or Windows and Linux. If you think with 
the windows logic when using a mac, you won't achieve much. same goes for 
android and the ios logic. The logic difference even doesn't allow those two 
platforms' accessibility to be compared completely.
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> No doubt I had poor sighted assistance. I think we've all had the 
> experience of having a sighted person read something that they're not sure 
> about and you don't know exactly how to guide them as to what you need. We 
> did try the steps you listed but for some reason didn't see anything about 
> talkback. I don't know if it wasn't there or if the person just didn't see 
> it. I wish I had known about that power switch trick, that might have 
> helped things. Is that accross all devices and versions or is it a new 
> thing?
> That's good to hear that there's the swipe left and right gestures to 
> explore screen elements, determining what's on the screen without these 
> would be rather difficult.
> I really wish there was a comprehensive side by side comparison of ios and 
> android accessibility instead of trying to pick up all this information in 
> bits and peaces.
> On Wed, 21 Oct 2015, Dave Mielke wrote:
>> [quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2015/10/21 at 18:42 -0700]
>>> I have pretty much no experience with android but the one experience
>>> I do have was very negative. A few days ago I had an oppertunity to
>>> look at an android phone. This was the latest model from Samsung
>>> (galaxie I think). Even with sighted assistance we could not figure
>>> out how to turn the speech on. I have no doubt that most of this was
>>> user error but the fact that it couldn't be figured out is a big
>>> problem.
>> You had very poor sighted assistance, then. The first place that the 
>> sighted
>> person should've looked was in Settings. Had he looked there, he'd have 
>> seen
>> Accessibility. Had he looked in there, he'd have seen TalkBack, with an
>> enable/disable switch beside it.
>> To turn on accessibility without sighted assistance, hold the power 
>> switch for
>> about a second till the phone beeps. This brings up the global actions 
>> dialog
>> (which some people think of as the power off dialog). On that screen, hld 
>> two
>> fingers down till the phone begins to talk.
>>> Another example would be that android doesn't have a gesture to move 
>>> from
>>> element to element to explore the screen (feel free to correct this if 
>>> it's
>>> wrong) but you have to move your finger around all parts of the screen 
>>> to see
>>> what's there.
>> That's simply not true at all. Swiping your finger to the right moves to 
>> the
>> next screen element, and swiping your finger to the left moves to the 
>> previous
>> screen element. You can disable this, of course, by turning Explore by 
>> Touch
>> off. :-) There are many more gestures than just these two. Also, yes, you 
>> can
>> explore the screen by moving your finger around on it as well, which is 
>> very
>> useful when you want to learn how various screen elements are positioned 
>> with
>> respect to one another.
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