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Emanuel Boboiu emanuelboboiu at gmail.com
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I am sure developer tools for Android are more accessible than those for iPhone, at least because you can use an Eloquence or ESpeak.
I develop apps for Android and everything works very well, Eclipse is one of the most accessible IDEs in the world, it uses SWT, a GUI library which is a wraper on the native OS GUI controls.
I would like to program also for iPhone, but for that I have to buy a Mac OS X, I have to pay $100 per year just to have the app in App Store.
Loadstone could be also a very good program as a free one for people in Asia, Eastern Europe where are many users whith low cost phones. 
For Android we already have a good program named Notnav, but it is not like Loadstone. Many people asked me if there is a Loadstone for iOS, I repeat, in the school for blind pupils where I work, there are at least 50 Android phones, but only two or three iPhones. With android there are many Samsung S4, S5 or even S6, which are the same speaking about price like iPhone. Many of the blind teachers have Nexus.

I want to see an example when someone says about Android that’s less accessible than iPhone. It is easy to say: it is not so accessible, but those who say this never tried a thing using a Nexus phone. It would be correct to say where it is less accessible.

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I agree with Shawn.  You can’t spend commitments.  I also agree with him that the IPhone seems more accessible than the android.  I came to that conclusion after doing some research because I had to painfully give up my Nokia N95 because it died.  Moreover, if the developer tools for the android are as inaccessible as Shawn says, how is he going to develop software for the android?



Mike Hanson


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