[Loadstone] IPhone?

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
Wed Mar 25 12:46:35 GMT 2015

So far I haven't been a big fan of touch screen GPS. It generally requires 
two hands, one to hold the phone and the other to activate functions. In 
cold weather there are clearly other challenges and so far, in my admittedly 
limited experience and opinion none have worked as well. I was never a fan 
of charging and carrying about a separate GPS receiver and I never did get 
any good at the complicated means of getting maps onto my old Nokia N73.

All that notwithstanding Loadstone always worked well for me once I did get 
a map onto my phone.

I expect dividing the face of an iPhone into 9 or 12 squares not unlike the 
buttons of a phone numeric pad and following a similar interface as to the 
original Loadstone might be made to work. If one had an easy current means 
of updating local points of interest and internal map storage, even if, 
every few hundred miles that needed to be updated for another chunk of the 
country Loadstone could be a strong contender.

The interface on iPhones needs work along with issues of connectivity which 
was a weakness of Wayfinder.

As I understand it, the developers of Loadstone are probably a little fed-up 
with it and of course there are the complications of developing for the IOS 
market. They probably could go Android with less cost and bother. I don't 
have any idea how the blindness market is divided between Android and Apple.


Dale leavens.

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> Hi
> I doupt porting LS  to iphone will bring any new value. There are already 
> a plethora on semi-usable applications. Touchscreen is simply too slow way 
> to interact with GPS application.
> Only reasonable solution would be to include   full support to  the 
> hardware keyboard/keypad/game controller to have instant access to 
> different functions.
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>> How are plans to port Loadstone to the IPhone going?  If successful, I 
>> would
>> be perfectly willing to pay to continue to use this program on that
>> platform.
>> Thank You,
>> Mike Hanson
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