[Loadstone] Windows tool to edit or extract LS-Database

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Sat Jan 31 05:49:44 GMT 2015

The offline tools offered some database tools as well - can't remember 
exactly what at moment, but, if export completes, then the output is a text 
file, but, it might take a little while to edit it completely.

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> Hello there,
> is there any tool, to edit or export a LS-Database file on a
> windows PC?
> There are a lot of points in my db, that are of no use any
> more. My idea was, to export it on the mobile, transfair it
> to the PC, edit it there, kill the db on the mobile and
> reimport the rest. But now for about two days my mobile
> hangs at the export. The exported file is about 400 mb at
> the moment. The default database is 651 kb. That feels not
> right to me.
> Any idea?
> Thank You for reading
> J.
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