[Loadstone] Android-Dot Walker Questions

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
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Doesn't really operate exactly like loadstone, but, your best starting point for understanding is to read the dotwalker webpage:

Then, try out playing around with the free version a bit.

In terms of android accessibility, really depends on which phone you go for - most of the at the very least newish ones - from jellybean/kitkat versions of operating system upwards - are pretty usable, but, then it varies somewhat phone to phone, and the primary thing is you can customise whole interface quite easily - choose your home screen/launcher, choose different voices, etc. etc.

Now, while I still wish there was a direct loadstone replica on android, I have been using android phones as primary phones for a couple of years laready, and, the one advantage they have over older nokia/symbian phones, etc. is their customisability, as well as the variety of software available out there.

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  How accessible is Google Android?  Also, how good is dot walker?  Can you plan routes with it?  Can you make checkpoint files and do the other things you can with Loadstone?


  Don't get me wrong.  I am very happy with Loadstone but might need to look for something other than my Nokia phone.  They are getting old and receivers that will work with them are not so easy to find.  If Loadstone were available for the IPhone, I'd gladly pay for it and not ask these questions.



  Mike Hanson



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