[Loadstone] Loadstone (and GPX) converter for Dotwalker

Vikas Kapoor dl.vikas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 13:24:23 GMT 2015

What about converting DotWalker dat file back to Loadstone compatible 
format? For your kind
information, DotWalker no longer saves points in.xml format, they have now
shifted to .dat format.
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Subject: [Loadstone] Loadstone (and GPX) converter for Dotwalker

If anybody has the need to convert their Loadstone database to Dotwalker
XML format (or perhaps have interchangeable GPX files they'd like to use in
Dotwalker) here is an online web converter I've made for my friends:


( you can also use it offline if you have perl, like on Debian GNU/Linux;
  source code is at https://github.com/mnalis/gpx_to_dotwalker_xml )

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