[Loadstone] Grmapa 1.0 beta 1 released.

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Wed Dec 2 21:22:36 GMT 2015

Ok, now worked importing .osm map for area, and only issue seemed to be that 
needed to then quit, and reload program, so that it would then prompt me for 
starting point.

Could also use keystrokes, like P, to let me search for points, etc., and 
did seem to be telling me about new locations, some of the time when using 
arrow keys, but, for example, in what I think refers to my own 
neighbourhood, it was returning very little in terms of points of interest, 
etc. - most likely OSM data not containing too much info.

But, will play around with it, and, FWIW, seemed relatively consistent when 
using it with both jaws 14, and NVDA 2015.4 on my windows 7 64 bit machine.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
"Roger Wilco wants to welcome you...to the space janitor's closet..."

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> Hello.
> For everybody who failed to try Grmapa due to import error, please, give 
> it one more try.
> I just released beta2 version, in which:
> During program startup, maps directory is created if not exists.
> After importing from OSM and confirming opening of imported map, user is 
> positioned at the center of it.
> http://grmapa.zlotowicz.pl/test/
> Greetings, Greg.
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