[Loadstone] Grmapa - talking map - version 1.0 beta released.

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Wed Dec 2 07:36:22 GMT 2015

Downloaded the local .osm file from an online source, and when initiated 
importing it from map menu, program just seems to close?

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> Hello.
> Maybe a bit off-topic, but this tool is very useful, especially for
> Loadstone-gps users, which I'm still one of.
> Grmapa is a computer software ,making possible nonvisual browsing of
> geographic maps with text and sound, instead of graphic.
> Program works under Windows operating system. It requires a sound card,
> and screen-reading software for blind users. Currently Grmapa
> communicates with NVDA, Jaws for Windows, Window-eyes, or - if none of
> above is running - texts are spoken via default SAPI5 synthesizer.
> Maps for program can be imported from OpenStreetMap project.
> Grmapa map file contains 3 categories of geographical informations:
> points, lines and areas.
> Points are most frequently roads intersections, and so called points of
> interest: shops, banks, restaurants, etc. Lines are paths, roads,
> rivers, boundaries of regions etc. Areas are e.g. forests, lakes, larger
> rivers, parkings, factories etc.
> Virtual space of loaded terrain can be compared to giant chessboard.
> Each of its' box is a square which side is 10 meters long. User's
> direction is north. Using arrow keys moves one square in choosen 
> direction.
> Few squares around user are illustrated by sounds, so it's important to
> have speakers or headphones properly positioned.
> Name of object on current square is automatically announced by used
> screen reader. If it's not enough information, using Space key , we can
> hear more, e.g. object type, city, region etc.
> If we're located at line, for example road, direction of this line is
> automatically spoken.
> Initial user direction is north. It can be changed at any time.
> Initial one square size set to 10 meters, can be changed in range from 2
> meters (maximum accuracy) to 10 kilometers (viewing huge areas). Using
> arrows to move around the map is not only method of navigation. Second
> one is navigation using mouse or touchpad.
> Program announces the name of current object, and sounds ilustrate few
> squares around the user. If we want to know more about further area, it
> is possible using commands from "Area" menu or shortcut keys.
> Bookmarks are user-defined orientational points, having geographical
> coordinates and name. Can be useful during map exploration, for defining
> some places we want easily return to, or for marking stages of planned
> route. Bookmarks can be saved to disk in Loadstone-gps file format. Such
> file can be copied to phone and used in real navigation. Some programs
> can import Loadstone-gps database text file, and not checkpoints file.
> It's possible to switch bookmark save format in the settings menu.
> Grmapa lets play GPS log, saved in NMEA format. Such log can be
> generated e.g. in Loadstone-GPS software, using "Start logging" function.
> Connection of Grmapa and GPS device works similar to log playback, but
> in real time. It's possible after pairing bluetooth GPS receiver and the
> computer using system tools.
> First public Grmapa version was released in june of 2012, in Polish
> language only.
> Grmapa used maps build on a server from UMP (Universal Map of Poland)
> project.
> Last months, an OpenStreetMap import feature was added, and whole
> program and documentation internationalized, so it became ready to be
> presented for international blind computer users community.
> English language translation is initial, so please report all language
> errors.
> After correcting most language errors, it'll be possible to translate
> Grmapa to other languages (requires translation of two .po files).
> License: Freeware.
> Author: Grzegorz Zlotowicz.
> Website: http://grmapa.zlotowicz.pl/test/
> Greetings, Greg.
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