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rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Wed May 7 11:42:14 BST 2014

Hi list,
I am testing the program  for myself since the last week.
It has some extra features compared to the original, voice commands 
I.e. the command "where am I" will tell you the addres you are at.

What I miss is a voice command that tells you all the poi's with
distance an direction that are close (say 100m ) to you.
It would give you an idea where you are and what shops etc. there are.

the maps are from OSM and downloaded, you don't have to be online while
You can change the voice commands to your liking and where it gets its
adress info from (OSm nominatum, google, or the map, for the first 2 you
have to be online)

Its routing is fantastic, in Holland it knows all the footpaths in the
park and dunes, all the public transport stops and their lines.
And it will navigate you to it.
But I haven't  (yet?) been able to get more detailed instructions for
the routing from it than a normal  nav unit does.
For me , for now that is enough I stil see  some 5 %
I cant read anything anymore though.

The follow .gpx track function micht give more detailed instructions

The convertion program  for loadstone to gpx is giving me trouble .

I tried several files, acepted by the loadstone program itself but every
point in it is reported erroneous by the conversion program.
Help wanted!

As I can see some of the map but not read anything I would like it to
announce what intersection I am pointing/tappin on.
It already does this for the Poi's. 
(therefor I have not activated a function in osmand-acces that makes the
app indifferent to where you tap on the map)

I am thinking of trying to import the intersections from a ls db as
favorites, but I dont know if there is a max to favorites.
Or import them as a map layer, 
Help wanted!


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Hello Kit,

as it's based on OSMand, I'm pretty sure it uses OpenStreetMap-Data as a
source for it's maps.

There is not much information about it on the website, but it is stated
that Osmand Access is based on osmand and contains the same features,
just extended by accessibility stuff.

Therefore some facts about OsmAND (the base variant, not the access
variant) for you. I didn't test the access variant and don't know if it
is useable or what's lacking there:

- OsmAND uses data from OpenStreetMap
- OsmAND uses vector maps stored on the device for map display and for
routing, although it's possible to use online routing and maps for
display, too - which is not the default.
- OsmAND in the base variant is able to do routing for pedestrians,
bicycles and cars and in my opinion does all three modes pretty good. I
think it's possible to define other routing profiles as well at least by
code, so they might have added - or plan to add - different routing
profiles for blind people.

About the question regarding loadstone databases and the conversion:
Loadstone databases are in fact a very restricted format of "maps". They
contain point-coordinates, but no connections between them.

A conversion as such therefore seems impossible, but OsmAND has a
concept of Favourites, which can be exported and imported via the GPX
file format and are points, too.
Therefore it should be fairly easy to convert a loadstone database to
osmand favourites.


Am 30.04.2014 04:23, schrieb Kit:
> Is there a way to extract the POIs from this map online and have it
> in Loadstone format?
> Using this current problem, we must have Internet access right? and
> do u know which map it uses, is it google?
> Thanks, KITT. ----- Original Message ----- From: rj To:
> loadstone at loadstone-gps.com Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2014 4:26 PM 
> Subject: [Loadstone] new loadstone alternative for Android
> Hi list,
> I have found a new program for Android based on loadstone that works 
> with OSM maps.
> A russian organisation for the blind has set up a team and developed
> a version of the opensource  OSmAnd specially for the blind.
> http://poretsky.homelinux.net/osmand/
> The program is in English, but the docs are in russian but very 
> translatable with e.g. http://www.microsofttranslator.com/
> There is also an conversion program for loadstone databases and it
> is free.
> I haven't extensively tested it yet but upto now it is very good.
> Robert

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