[Loadstone] Importing .xml to Loadstone usable

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Feb 14 20:59:23 GMT 2014

You'll still have your loadstone points if you didn't delete the actual 
databases. Loadstone doesn't use the .txt files so if those are the only 
things you deleted then you should be fine.

On Fri, 14 Feb 2014, Vikas Kapoor wrote:

> Hi,
> The CSV file that I tried to import to Loadstone does not import any
> actual point, although it imports it to Loadstone default, but gives a
> message, zero entry imported. I suppose I've lost all my loadstone
> points for ever, although I do have them as xml file in DotWalker
> application, which means I do have the records of all my points but
> not loadstone readable.
> On 2/14/14, Jacob Kruger <jacob at blindza.co.za> wrote:
>> If you take route.xml into microsoft excel, and then save it as a CSV file,
>> it's format is somewhat similar to a loadstone exported/importable format
>> file, but, not quite - depending on number of records/entries you might
>> still be able to then play around with that CSV file to make it look enough
>> like a loadstone format export file, to then try re-import it into a
>> loadstone database, but, you'll have to look at an example, and compare it
>> to the other version, and see if it looks doable/worth the effort.
>> Stay well
>> Jacob Kruger
>> Blind Biker
>> Skype: BlindZA
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>>   Folks,
>>   Few days back, with the help of a tool, I converted all my loadstone data
>> having .txt extension to route.xml to be able to use for DotWalker
>> application. Due to some reason I completely deleted all my old loadstone
>> database and now I want to have all my points back from route.xml file.
>> Would be grateful if somebody could guide me to convert all my files from
>> route.xml to .txt or any other desirable format which is accepted by
>> loadstone.
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