[Loadstone] Importing .xml to Loadstone usable

Vikas Kapoor dl.vikas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 13:36:27 GMT 2014

The CSV file that I tried to import to Loadstone does not import any
actual point, although it imports it to Loadstone default, but gives a
message, zero entry imported. I suppose I've lost all my loadstone
points for ever, although I do have them as xml file in DotWalker
application, which means I do have the records of all my points but
not loadstone readable.

On 2/14/14, Jacob Kruger <jacob at blindza.co.za> wrote:
> If you take route.xml into microsoft excel, and then save it as a CSV file,
> it's format is somewhat similar to a loadstone exported/importable format
> file, but, not quite - depending on number of records/entries you might
> still be able to then play around with that CSV file to make it look enough
> like a loadstone format export file, to then try re-import it into a
> loadstone database, but, you'll have to look at an example, and compare it
> to the other version, and see if it looks doable/worth the effort.
> Stay well
> Jacob Kruger
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>   Folks,
>   Few days back, with the help of a tool, I converted all my loadstone data
> having .txt extension to route.xml to be able to use for DotWalker
> application. Due to some reason I completely deleted all my old loadstone
> database and now I want to have all my points back from route.xml file.
> Would be grateful if somebody could guide me to convert all my files from
> route.xml to .txt or any other desirable format which is accepted by
> loadstone.
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Vikas Kapoor,
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