[Loadstone] Loadstone databases or points for Eindhoven& Utrecht

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 10 20:15:32 GMT 2014

Hoi Patrick, & list

I  downloaded from 
http://pse.loadstone-gps.com/  LoadStone PointShare 15 km around the
center of Utrecht.

Got the gps gordinates for het janskerkhof in Utrech from   
when you click export it will give you the coordinates of hte square it
will extport.

I removed the entries for wastebaskets  post boxes  towers etc. 
In linux you can do this with teh command:
cat Utrecht-15k.txt | grep -v -e traffic\ signals -e drinking\ water -e
post\ box -e recycling -e waste\ basket -e waste\ disposal -e parking -e
playground -e vending\ machine -e liander -e bench -e surveillance -e
tower -e telephone > Utrecht-15k-cl.txt

Hope the file is not too big for you to be received by mail.

Hope this helps.
from Amsterdam

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