[Loadstone] OsmAnd Access- navigation app for android.

Igor B. Poretsky poretsky at mlbox.ru
Wed Feb 5 01:19:10 GMT 2014


There are a bunch of additional resources placed on http://ksrk-edu.ru
that are available only in Russian, but not the program itself. Of
course, the application has no such limitation. Please, read carefully.

Best regards,

>>>>> "Milos" == Milos Przic <milos.przic at gmail.com> writes:

    Milos> Hi Ora, But on the site it says that for the moment it is
    Milos> available only in russian, and you say that it is localized
    Milos> in english. Can you explain?  Thanks!  Milos Przic Twitter:
    Milos> MilosPrzic Skype: Milosh-hs ----- Original Message -----
    Milos> From: "Ora" <ora1564 at yandex.ru> To:
    Milos> <loadstone at loadstone-gps.com> Sent: Tuesday, February 04,
    Milos> 2014 3:30 PM Subject: [Loadstone] OsmAnd Access- navigation
    Milos> app for android.

    >> Hello.  http://poretsky.homelinux.net/osmand/index-en.html This
    >> is alternative version of famous navigation application OsmAnd
    >> with special access plugin for the blind people.  There is sound
    >> compass, voice commands, you can look arround, build route or go
    >> to the destination point, record your track & other useful
    >> accessible functions.  there are many blind people in Russia who
    >> already use this one. It has inglish localization.  Ora.
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