[Loadstone] OsmAnd Access.

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Sun Apr 27 17:57:06 BST 2014

Will just say that one issue have with OSMAnd, is the install disk space it 
requires, and, unless could specifically import my loadstone databases, not 
sure it would offer much more than dotwalker, etc.?

And, issue with importing loadstone databases is the russian interface of 
the importer/conversion tool doesn't get read to me using either jaws or 
NVDA, but, let's see - primary issue is OSMAnd seems to require 17Mb of 
install space, which don't currently have available on my primary android 

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
"Roger Wilco wants to welcome you...to the space janitor's closet..."

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> hello. I already talked about this one some mounth ago
> but people didn't react to my message.
> I can say that there are many blindpeople in Russia who use it with 
> pleasure.
> I can't understand why you don't work with it. OsmAnd Access  has english 
> interface.
> You can use voice commands in your native language after edition.
> If you need some explanations I think wecan make the conference by skype.
> \You can ask about OsmAnd access
> Ora1564 at yandex.ru
> bye.
> Ora.
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