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Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Thu Apr 10 07:40:33 BST 2014

Yes, you can, but, first make backups of it, etc., and one other issue seems to be that if you use the bit of software the dotWalker dev provides, you might need to, afterwards, go fiddle around with coordinates stored in the generated .xml file,, unless he's fixed that issue, or else, it seemed to be rendering something along the lines of 25.123456 as 2.5123456 in the converted version, but, since most of the points in my one database really converted thus far were all in same area/range/hemisphere, it really just took bit of a search/replace afterwards.

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  Hello all,
  Is it possible to import my default database to dotwalker? I baught a new phone and in the old one there is a database with years of my work on marking the places of interest to me, so I wouldn't like to lose it just like that...
  Thanks to all in advance, and best regards!
            Milos Przic
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