[Loadstone] Few Clarifications about dotWalker

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
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Would say you should rather ask the dotWalker developer these questions:

You can find an email/contact link on that page.

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  Folks, after having successfully converted all my Loadstone points to dotWalker, I humbly require some clarifications about its usage:
  1. Upon start up it informs that it is an evaluation version, is it because this app is a paid one or it is not yet in its final stage?
  2. Why some of my points which I'd deleted from my old Loadstone database reappeared after exporting them to route.xml?
  3. Is there any way through which we can delete or modify the previously defined points?
  4. Finally it would really be nice if the direction to which we are heading is announced along with the Satellite and speed indications as it was the case with Loadstone.


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