[Loadstone] Is anybody interested in loadstone for iphone?

Lex lex at progger.ru
Sun Nov 3 09:59:27 GMT 2013


Absolutely yes. There is a huge community of visually impaired iPhone 
users, which is only growing. Android only recently got a somewhat 
considerable accessibility support for touch screen devices, so its user 
base is still developing.

As was said, there are some GPS-related apps on iPhone which could be 
used by the blind, but most of them are lacking important features (such 
as some being just a turn-by-turn navigators, some allowing you to 
explore the map, some allow to set and use custom points) - but no app 
which can be used effectivelly for performing all those tasks. Cost is 
also huge (e.g. consider Seeing Eye GPS by sendero).

So there is definitely a value of another player coming to the market, 
esp considering how much previous experience you have in the area.

Please consider keeping app open source (without denying the idea of 
selling it through app store though). I know a few people besides myself 
who are interested in helping doing such a project.


01.11.2013 9:05, Shawn Kirkpatrick пишет:
> Hello list. I'm posting this message to see what the interest level is 
> for a version of loadstone for iphone. Since Symbian has hit end of 
> life we have to move to another platform. We're seriously considering 
> developing a version of loadstone for the iphone (a mac and iphone 
> have been obtained for the task).
> This would be a complete rewrite of loadstone rather than a port since 
> the devices are so different. This would give us a chance to do things 
> a lot better since we'd now have a lot more to work with. This version 
> of loadstone would probably also not be free since it costs $99 per 
> year to develope for the iphone as well as the cost of the mac and a 
> test iphone. The cost would be something reasonable thoe.
> What are people's thoughts on this idea? Is this a project worth 
> doing? If we have to charge for it what would be a reasonable fee? Any 
> feedback would be appreciated.
> To answer a question I know will come up, no, we're not considering a 
> version of loadstone for android. This is because the accessability 
> features of android aren't quite as well developed as they are on the 
> iphone. This may change at some point and then we'll have to give it 
> some thought but for now the iphone seems to be the best option.
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