[Loadstone] Is anybody interested in loadstone for iphone?

Polaris-17 djpolar at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 19:38:18 GMT 2013

totally agree! Keep developing it still on symbian. That's why having 
iPhone I still use Nokia while traveling.

On 2013-11-02 19:10, Chris Hill wrote:
> I've gone down the Android route. I'm very pleased with the 
> accessibility now available on Android, so I don't envisage moving to 
> Iphone. I do continue to use my old Nokia for Loadstone though.
> One of the many great things about using Loadstone on an old Nokia is 
> that the phone is quite small and fits easily in one hand. This means 
> that I can just keep the phone in my pocket and just take it out to 
> consult it occasionally, whilst continuing to walk along with my dog. 
> Operating a touch screen phone with one hand isn't easy and that's one 
> thing to be borne in mind when you design the user interface for Iphone.
> chris
> On 01/11/13 07:05, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:
>> Hello list. I'm posting this message to see what the interest level 
>> is for a version of loadstone for iphone. Since Symbian has hit end 
>> of life we have to move to another platform. We're seriously 
>> considering developing a version of loadstone for the iphone (a mac 
>> and iphone have been obtained for the task).
>> This would be a complete rewrite of loadstone rather than a port 
>> since the devices are so different. This would give us a chance to do 
>> things a lot better since we'd now have a lot more to work with. This 
>> version of loadstone would probably also not be free since it costs 
>> $99 per year to develope for the iphone as well as the cost of the 
>> mac and a test iphone. The cost would be something reasonable thoe.
>> What are people's thoughts on this idea? Is this a project worth 
>> doing? If we have to charge for it what would be a reasonable fee? 
>> Any feedback would be appreciated.
>> To answer a question I know will come up, no, we're not considering a 
>> version of loadstone for android. This is because the accessability 
>> features of android aren't quite as well developed as they are on the 
>> iphone. This may change at some point and then we'll have to give it 
>> some thought but for now the iphone seems to be the best option.
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