[Loadstone] Is anybody interested in loadstone for iphone?

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Nov 1 07:05:51 GMT 2013

Hello list. I'm posting this message to see what the interest level is for a 
version of loadstone for iphone. Since Symbian has hit end of life we have 
to move to another platform. We're seriously considering developing a 
version of loadstone for the iphone (a mac and iphone have been obtained for 
the task).
This would be a complete rewrite of loadstone rather than a port since the 
devices are so different. This would give us a chance to do things a lot 
better since we'd now have a lot more to work with. This version of 
loadstone would probably also not be free since it costs $99 per year to 
develope for the iphone as well as the cost of the mac and a test iphone. 
The cost would be something reasonable thoe.
What are people's thoughts on this idea? Is this a project worth doing? If 
we have to charge for it what would be a reasonable fee? Any feedback would 
be appreciated.
To answer a question I know will come up, no, we're not considering a 
version of loadstone for android. This is because the accessability features 
of android aren't quite as well developed as they are on the iphone. This 
may change at some point and then we'll have to give it some thought but for 
now the iphone seems to be the best option.

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