[Loadstone] Sensibility of the gps receivers

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Not sure of technical info regarding sensitivity (think that's the actual term you mean), but, for example, in beginning tested my N82's internal GPS against my external holux M1000 blue tooth receiver that had originally acquired to use with my 6680, and whereas the N82 seemed to be accurate to roundabout 3-4 meters, the holux M1000 seemed to, at same time, in same conditions be accurate to on average roundabout 1.5-2 meters, but, this was just me testing somewhat informally, and thus not necessarily too accurately, but anyway...

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  I have a nokia e72 with internal gps receiver but I'm not satisfied with the gps functionning.
  I'm considering the possibility of acquiring an external gps because it seems to be more sensible.
  In the talknav web site, for instance, we find that the gps receiver model I Go 747 has the sensibility of -165 dbm.
  I've tried hard to find the sensibility of my e72 but it has been so difficult that i decided to ask on this list.
  Do you know where I can find this technical information, I mean, the sensibility of the gps receiver in the nokia e72?Maybe the external receivers will not solve my problems, such as loosing signal when there are tall buildings around or inside a car.
  Kind regards, Paulo


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