[Loadstone] few questions regarding Pointshare

Ondrej Rosik ondrej.rosik at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 21:01:25 GMT 2013

Hi list,
here is Ondrej from Slovakia.
I am using Loadstone long time, mostly to detect cellular BTS, but as I 
migrated to another phone where the GPS seems to work better I am able 
to use this feature also.
Today I decided to share some points but I have some issues with User ID.
After sharing my database I get
The following are results of your import.
Note: this import generated warnings. They are listed below with line 
New Entries
Updated or unchanged
•w: (4) Permission denied for import of userid 14599

My account is registered from address ondrej.rosik at gmail.com and this 
addres is also as user ID on my phone. So what's going on?

And what about Manage quick point feature? When I add a quick point, is 
this publicly available? If yes, my first question should be ignored as 
I should add point manually.



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