[Loadstone] Loadstone Digest, Vol 85, Issue 3

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 20 10:45:02 BST 2013

I just tried to convert a loadstone datebse to dotwalker format, in
order to  test dotwalker  on a friends android device, but could not get
the conversion to work. There is no readme or howto inclouded in the
conversion software.
Did you succeed?


From: 	Arnþór Helgason <arnthor.helgason at simnet.is>
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Subject: 	Re: [Loadstone] Loadstone Digest, Vol 85, Issue 3
Date: 	08/19/2013 09:07:18 AM

There is a software called Dotwalker, which is in some way similar to 
Loadstone. The software seemsto be in an evaluation process for the
being, but sounds promising.

Best regards,

Arnthor Helgason

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