[Loadstone] create new point problem

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Mon Aug 12 06:03:19 BST 2013

What phone is it, and has loadstone worked normally before?

Asking since think there's a setting under something like connectivity, or somewhere on some phones that blocks other apps from location information, etc.?

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  Hi all, a friend of mine is using loadstone but he encounters an interesting problem nowadays. While creating a new point, the options from commencement and save using current aren't available. Only save option is available. When he saves the  point using save, he can not find the point he saved. We checked if GPS signal is fixed and and found out that signall is ok. We also removed the app, deleted the settings files and other .ini files and deleted the database file and finally removed and reinstalled the app but nothing changed. What else should be done to solve this problem? İs there anyone who encountered such problem before?


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