[Loadstone] An android app with similar functionality to loadstone, and which can make use of loadstone data

Jacob Kruger jacob at blindza.co.za
Tue Aug 6 19:39:48 BST 2013

Sorry if this comes across as in opposition to loadstone, but, not meant to be - but, this app sort of specifically targets blind users, and he also allows conversion/use of openStreetMap data, and has now, after I asked him about it, implemented a form of loadstone data conversion as well - see below.

Quoted response from developer:
I have made some additions to support web page.
See and let me know what shold be explained further.

Regarding the loadstone conversion, I have already used some way how to make it. Current conversion tool, which you can download from the page, opens loadstone file and writes dotwalker xml data. Resulting file should be placed in folder you create on the device in dotwalker folder. Name of that folder you create is used for route name and you should see it in routes list in dotwalker.

---end quote---

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