[Loadstone] LS on Symbian Belle OS?

Miranda miran.woudstra at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 11:14:35 BST 2012

Hello Robert,

I don't know about the Nokia 700 or 701, but I use Loadstone on the E6 running Symbian Belle and it works perfectly well. As far as I know, Nokia's free screenreader is made by Code Factory and is a subset of Mobile Speak. As Mobile Speak works very well with Loadstone, also on Symbian Belle, I think you won't have any problems. On my E6, I can even use Loadstone using only the touchscreen in Mobile Speak keypad mode.


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Ondrw.: [Loadstone] LS on Symbian Belle OS?

Hi All,

Will LS install on a Nokia 700 and 701 with Symbian Belle OS?

Nokia  has a free screenreader for these phones.

Will there be a compiled & signed version with magnetic compass support
in the foreseeable future? 


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