[Loadstone] Nokia C5-00 offline

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 14 09:04:20 BST 2012

Rob & list,
Thanks, the C5-00 now works very well offline, though it needs a bit
clearer view of the sky for its first fix then some BT gps's. After its
first fix   it is as sensitive and accurate as i.e. the Royaltek RBT
2001 I used before.

The menu structure on my C5-00 is different.  I had already found the
setting. But because it didn't get a fix in my window where several
other gps's did, I assumed it did not work.


From: 	robhill at es.co.nz
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Subject: 	Re: [Loadstone] [OT] Accessibility on Android 4.0,
specifically Galaxy S3
Date: 	10/07/2012 01:14:35 AM
rj writes:
 > How do you turn the assisted part  off?
Hello Robert and list,

>From the Nokia C5 users' guide:

GPS (A-GPS) is used to retrieve assistance data over a packet data
connection, which assists in calculating the coordinates of your
current location when your device is receiving signals from
satellites. When you activate A-GPS, your device receives useful
satellite information from an assistance data server over the cellular
network. With the help of assisted data, your device can obtain the
GPS position faster. Your device is preconfigured to use the Nokia
A-GPS service, if no service providerspecific A-GPS settings are
available. The assistance data is retrieved from the Nokia A-GPS
service server only when needed. > To disable the A-GPS service,
select Applications > GPS data and Options > Positioning settings >
Positioning methods > Assisted GPS > Options > Disable. You must have
an internet access point defined in the device to retrieve assistance
data from the Nokia A-GPS service over a packet data connection. The
access point for A-GPS can be defined in positioning settings. Only a
packet data internet access point can be used. Your device asks you to
select the internet access point when GPS is used for the first time.


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