[Loadstone] [OT] Accessibility on Android 4.0, specifically Galaxy S3

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Fri Oct 5 18:48:47 BST 2012

[quoted lines by robhill at es.co.nz on 2012/10/06 at 06:38 +1300]

>It's also worth mentioning that the AGPS data need only be downloaded at
>reasonably long intervals (couple weeks to a couple months), so you're
>really not looking at a lot of data trafic here.

That's only true if the GPS is left on, which is rarely the case since it draws 
so much power. The reality is that the AGPS data is downloaded each time the 
GPS receiver is turned on, which ultimately means each time Loadstone is 

>Also, on the C5 at any rate, the assisted part can be turned off, and
>the GPS used as a standalone one.  This apparently makes it slower to
>lock on to satellites, but that's how I use it, and I find it

Without AGPS, the device needs to wait until it gets a good (error free) 
download of the ephemeral data from the satellites themselves. It can't ask the 
satellites to send the data, so it has to wait for the next time the satellites 
send it. It also has to wait for an error free download. If it detects an error 
while receiving the first transmission it sees, then it has to wait for the 
next one and try again. That's why it takes longer. If you're in a bad spot 
and/or if your hand or body is shielding your device's GPS receiver's antenna, 
then there'll be more reception errors and it'll take even longer.

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