[Loadstone] [OT] Accessibility on Android 4.0, specifically Galaxy S3

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Fri Oct 5 04:53:05 BST 2012

[quoted lines by rj on 2012/10/04 at 10:35 +0200]

>Is it possible to use Openstreet maps with these apps on android?

No. They use Google Maps.

>Data traffic in a foreign country is prohibitively expensive and osm
>maps can be downloaded and stored on your phone.

So can Google Maps. There's a way in Google Maps to make the maps of your 
choice "available offline", which is what you'd be wanting to do. Then what you 
do is download the ones you want when you have access to Wi-Fi.

>On the site it says that the Nokia 700 has a stand alone gps while the
>E6 and the C5-00 only have a-gps that needs data traffic.
>There does not seem to be a phone with a stand alone gps and a keyboard.

This, of course, is a Symbian (rather than an Android) issue. By GPS which 
needs data traffic, I assume it means Assisted GPS. Assisted GPS doesn't use 
much data at all. What it uses data for is to download the ephemeral data which 
it needs before it can start analyzing the GPS data.

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