[Loadstone] [OT] Accessibility on Nokia E7

Ömer Yesiltas yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 11:29:50 BST 2012

Hi, I have used e7 a while ago for a short time. Although it is very similar 
to e6 in terms of fw but it is a little bit different in terms of hardware.. 
E6 is a candybar phone with qwerty keyboard, e7 is a slideout phone with 
qwerty keyboard. E6 has call and end call buttons, e7 doesn't. While using 
with mobilespeak, agenda and contacts keys can be used as soft keys on e6, 
on e7, these keys aren't available, so you have to use the touch screen to 
click the buttons. If you want to use it with talks, you have to open the 
slideout keyboard to use loadstone, otherwise you can not use it. I didn't 
try loadstone on this phone with mobilespeak so, i can not say much but i 
guess you can use loadstone on touch screen on these phones with 
mobilespeak. As for usability, i guess e6 is easier to use for a blind 
person because of its hardware. You can use e6 one-handed, but it is hard to 
use e7 one handed due to the slideout keyboard. It resembles n97 or n97 mini 
in shape, so you need to use both hands while typing or using keyboard. If 
you did not buy the phone or have possibility of replacing it, i suggest e6 
instead of e7. I am using e6 and very happy with it. Both phones have some 
accessibility problems with screen readers. E7's only superiority over e6 
is, its internal 16gb mass memory. E6 has 8gb mass memory and a memory card 
slot up to 32gb. So, I sold e7 and now using e6 with talks and mobilespeak 
sometimes. You can use loadstone on qwerty keyboard of e6 easily. It is very 
similar to e72 in shape and a little bit faster than it. While testing 
camera, we detected that e7's camera can take better pictures than e6. Both 
phones have an 8mp camera.
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> Hello,
> I have the E6 and not the E7, but as far as I know both phones have the 
> same
> processor and Symbian version. So I waited a few days to see if someone 
> with
> an E7 would reply to your message, but as nobody did, I will. I think my 
> experiences with the E6 will also apply to the E7.
> I don't know what screenreader you use, Talks or Mobile Speak. I can only
> comment on Mobile Speak because that's what I have. The E6 is very
> accessible with Mobile Speak. I can do almost anything: view and manage
> contacts, texting, email, web browsing, use Loadstone, etc. The touch 
> screen is
> not accessible in the way sighted people use it, but I hardly need it
> because almost everything can be done with the keyboard. However, Mobile
> Speak has some commands you can only perform with gestures on the
> touch screen, but those are very easy to learn. And if you want to start
> playing a video on Youtube, you have to tap a big touch button which is 
> very
> easy to find.
> As for third-party apps, some are accessible, some are not. A few 
> accessible
> ones are Tweets60 for twitter, WhatsApp and Nokia Internet Radio. If you
> want to use Facebook on your phone, you can use the mobile site. The Ovi
> Store itself is not accessible, nor are some other built-in applications 
> like Nokia
> Maps. But then of course we have Loadstone. :)
> Web browsing is very easy and smooth on this phone, but I think this is 
> mostly because of Mobile Speak's very good browser support. I have no idea 
> how this would be with Talks.
> I hope this helps, and, if you still have questions, feel free to ask.
> Cheers,
> Miranda
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>> Hello,
>> Yes, me again with another OT question, though at least this time it is
>> Symbian related.
>> I know that some of you have E7's, and even know that loadstone runs
>> fine on it, but I would have a few extra questions, if anyone would care
>> to take the time and answer them.
>> - How is general accessibility on the E7?
>> - Is the touch screen accessible, or do you have to employ the keyboard
>>  all the time?
>> - How is accessibility on third-party apps from the OVI store?
>> - How is the web browsing experience?
>> Feel free to add anything else you feel I should know.
>> Thanks.
>> Cheers,
>> S.M.
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