[Loadstone] [OT] Accessibility on Android 4.0, specifically Galaxy S3

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Mon Oct 1 15:54:38 BST 2012

I used this issue as an excuse to do a little more investigating. Adding two 
apps to an Android-powered device makes navigation of ones surroundings much 
more accessible.

The first app is called WalkyTalky. In addition to providing much easier access 
to the Places feature of Maps, it can also be told to let you know where you 
are, every so often, as you walk. It's announcements are based on house 
addresses, rather than on intersections, so it's a bit different than Loadstone 
but quite usable.

The second app is called Intersecion Explorer. If you touch the screen, it 
tells you where you are based on streets and intersections. If you slide your 
finger in one of the eight compass directions, it follows the street you're on, 
and then, if you lift your finger, it announces the nearest interseciton in 
that direction and moves to it.

Note that Intersection Explorer is only available as a separate app up until 
Android 4.0.3. Starting in 4.1, it's been integrated right into the Maps app. 
You need to enable it, though. In Maps, go to More Options, then to Settings, 
and then to Labs. In Labs, there's a checkbox for Intersection Explorer.

With Intersection Explorer integrated into Maps, if enabled, it just works on 
all maps. If you slide your finger slowly it's interpreted as a travel 
direction, and if you slide your finger quickly it's interpreted as a TalkBack 
gesture. Also, to get back to your current location you simply click on the My 
Location button of Maps.

One more thing: Google Maps does offer walking directions. It actually offers 
four kinds of directions: walking, driving, bicycling, and transit.

So: Use Places (in Maps) to define common destinations, use Walking Directions 
(in Maps) to figure out how to get there, use WalkyTalky to be aware of where 
you are as you travel, and use Intersection Explorer (now in Maps) to check 
things out in advance.

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